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AWS Solutions Design Architect - 2 Tier II Administrator

Experience :- Minimum 7 Years

Vacancy :- 1

Location :- Remote

Salary :- Negotiable

Job Type :- Permanent

AWS Solutions Design Architect task:

• System Health Oversight and Resource Monitoring: Monitor cloud service utilization, system health, and response times to maintain optimal performance and service quality. This also includes monitoring AWS billing and cost optimization strategies. • Solution Architecture and Implementation: Architect and launch robust cloud solutions based on project and enterprise requirements, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Create and manage instances, storage, databases, and other AWS resources.

• Network and Infrastructure Management: Support the transition from on-premise setups to cloud-based infrastructure, providing technical expertise and troubleshooting assistance. This includes configuring, managing, and maintaining VPC, subnets, gateways, security groups, and network ACLs.

• Automated Infrastructure Maintenance: Contribute to the creation and maintenance of an automated infrastructure, fostering speed, accuracy, and repeatability of deployments and configurations. Use automation tools like AWS Lambda, AWS Systems Manager, AWS Cloud Formation, or third-party tools for task automation.

• Resource Optimization and Compliance: Strategize and implement measures for optimizing cloud workloads in terms of DJU1620000145 Page 11 of 42 cost, scalability, and availability, keeping in line with governance and compliance standards.

• Administration of Various Environments: Provide hands-on administration for various environments including production, staging, and deployment. Implement and manage data storage solutions, including database design data processing, or storage architecture.

• Strategic Cloud Consulting: Participate in multidisciplinary team meetings to understand requirements, plan architectures, and offer strategic cloud solutions.

• SAP HANA Collaboration: Collaborate with the software engineering team implementing SAP HANA to ensure seamless integration and operation within the AWS environment .

• CI/CD Process Maintenance: Utilize tools like Jenkins, Travis, Bamboo, and Nexus to maintain and refine the build and deployment processes, driving efficient and reliable releases.

• Security Management: Maintain company's cybersecurity posture, applying security patches, updates, and managing access through IAM. Ensure all cloud operations align with the company's compliance policies and standards.

• Virtual Machine Handling: Manage virtual machine-based services within the AWS ecosystem.

• Troubleshooting: Handle any issues related to infrastructure, connectivity, or performance, using AWS services like AWS CloudWatch, AWS X-Ray, or AWS CloudTrail for effective troubleshooting.

• Enterprise Infrastructure Knowledge: Utilize knowledge of large-scale systems design, networking, hardware, and software to guide effective strategies within the AWS environment.

• Disaster Recovery Planning: Create and implement disaster recovery plans to ensure minimal downtime and data loss. Set up automated backups for disaster recovery.

• Communication and Continuous Learning: Maintain clear communication with the team and other stakeholders about the system status, planned downtimes, and incident reports. Stay upto-date with the latest trends in cloud computing and AWS updates.

• AWS Solution Architect is responsible for developing and managing AWS solutions. They work with architects, engineers, and other stakeholders to create and deliver solutions that meet the needs of customers and meet AWS standards.

• They also collaborate with other AWS teams to improve the entire AWS experience.


• Must be a US Citizen and have ability to obtain a security clearance.

• 7+ years of experience in AWS Cloud Architecture, including the various services and how they work together - designing and developing AWS Solutions

• 7+ years of experience in AWS Solutions, including how they are built and how they work • 7+ years of experience in AWS Tools, including how they are used and how they work (Cloud Watch, Cloud Duty, Cloud Trial)

• 7+ years Certified AWS Solution Architect

• 7+ years of experience in Tier II systems Administrator with specialized experience supporting various Windows operating systems, Amazon Web Service, Active Directory, virtual technologies,

• 7+ years of experience in Tier II Support of IT infrastructure systems based on a Microsoft Windows Environment. VMware 6.0 or higher, vSphere. AWS EC2 Instance

On-Site Requirements: 100% remote.

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